I think it's easy to feel lonely nowadays. More now than ever before in the current situation.

For some, Covid-19 has brought about the urgency to connect with others. Family, friends and even the neighbours we barely spoke to a few months ago. It has forced us to 'make' such connections in order to survive and remain sane. To appreciate those around us and the things we possess. It has brought about moments of reflection.

It has given us time. Time we thought we would never have. So much of it that some of us find it hard to cope with it.

During this time, I have reflected on the meaning of friendship.

Friendship is an exchange. We give and take. Sometimes we take more than we give and vice-versa.

Friendship is like a seedling. It needs attention. Sunlight. Water. Love. Sometimes it needs to be trimmed so that it can flourish. My friends are unfortunately for me, scattered around the globe. So organising quiz nights, dinner dates, happy hours and cinema night via zoom seems like the way to go.

But is it?

After trying it, I found such things to be... fake. Artificial. Soulless.

I still enjoyed myself but there was a lack of ...spontaneity.

I am spontaneous. I like being spontaneous. I am impulsive. I like phoning friends there and then, in the moment when I think about it. I love receiving a quick video call from my best friend because she 'just wanted to wish me a good day' or because she thought that showing me my 4-year old goddaughter eating mascarpone cream by the spoonful, was funny.

So why don't we do it? How busy can you be to not answer or return a phone call? Whilst I understand that life can get in the way, I still believe that we can find the time if we want to.

My advice to you today is to let yourself go with the flow. Thought of someone? Give them a quick call. Don't think too much about it. You never know when you will be the one to put a smile on that person's face, or turn their crappy day around.

In a time when physical contact is forbidden, think about how to make those that are important to you, loved.

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