A Fresh Start

Rudeneja (Lithuanian; adj)

the way nature and/or weather begins to feel like Autumn.

Do you think this year is no longer worth trying to save? Have all your plans gone down the drain? Have you stopped caring? Do you just wish this year was already gone?

Yep. I feel you. I can relate.

BUT... what if you could use the rest of this year to start thinking about 2021 and plan how you're going to achieve your goals?

I used to think that a fresh start was always the beginning of a new year or a Monday. Mondays were especially difficult. Whenever I said 'I will start on Monday', it made me nervous. Monday meant high expectation, pressure, anxiety and just overall plan for failure.

With time, I learned that you don't need a new month, year or day of the week to have a fresh start. Sometimes, we get so stuck in the mindset that for us to achieve our goals, we need the new year to come around, the kids to go back to school, a Monday, or the holiday to end. These are excuses. You don't need any of that. You need to want to start (which can be the trickier bit, but we can work on that).

September now has a very different meaning for me: it means reflection, adjustment, re-focus, and re-prioritising.

It's a great time to sit down and reflect on the past few months and come up with an action plan for the next 4 months that will benefit you in the long term (I use this simple worksheet to get me started). I also take the time to reflect and care for my mental health.

Autumn is approaching and soon will be Winter, and although I dislike (no, really!) the cold, I love the idea of cosy, and warm nights in. So many movies to be watched, books to be read, and mulled wine to be drank!

A great time for self care too! I like to start thinking about my 'self-care box' and putting it together (I will be showing you mine on Instagram, so make sure to follow me).

To help you kick start the next few months, here are a few things you can use/do:

1. 30 Days of Self-Care

2. Reflection Worksheet

3. The books I have read this year (so far. This list will be updated later)

4. Self-care Box

Bonus tip: I also find this time of the year perfect for changing my look - trying a different haircut, the colour of my hair, or wearing that red lipstick I bought months ago, even if it is just to stay in the house!

Remember, each new second, hour or day is a new opportunity for a fresh start. Start yours now, with an open mind and heart. Give yourself the opportunity to restart.

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